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"Experts suggest that companies without data warehousing systems may only be putting 20% of their information to use. Up to 80% of your company's knowledge is waiting for you."


GDW Solutions Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence approach offers value by developing a systematic process to integrate information from deeply diverse sources throughout your business and shows you the big picture. Information from finance, sales, supply, customer service, marketing -all your vital information- comes together, and you are able to make informed decisions based on real, meaningful data. Without waiting for IT to create a report or your analysts to crunch numbers.

Business System Analysis and Design
Decision Support System Analysis and Design
Relational Database Design and Modeling Techniques
Database Management and Administration
Relational Database Performance and Tuning
Client/Server System Design
Graphical User Interface Design
Quality Management System and Testing


GDW Solutions guarantees a fast delivery of your customized business intelligence application. We design, plan, and build your data warehouse using a bottom-up approach, from the analysis of your needs to the training of your employees. Your system will be designed to acquire, analyze, and deliver data with efficiency, flexibility, and accuracy. With knowledge of the automotive, banking, financial, energy/commodity, government, insurance, retail, telecommunications, and utilities industries, we're ready to create an intuitive, custom business intelligence solution for you.


Here's how it works:

Data repositories
GDW Solutions will design and develop a central data warehouse repository using one of today's RDBMS technologies (MS SQL Server 2000, Oracle 8i/9i, Sybase, etc.). Unnecessary data will be filtered and organized around a multi-dimensional data model and present the information in a user-friendly, intuitive, and easy-to-understand way.

Sales Data Model



Data Warehouse Architecture

Data acquisition processes-extract, transform, and load (ETL)
GDW Solutions will build the acquisition processes to collect, cleanse, transform, and aggregate your high volume data. Together, we'll determine where your information comes from, and GDW Solutions will design and develop the ETL processes using third generation languages and/or third-party tools to populate the multi-dimensional data model that is based on your business needs.



Client-center information delivery
Your customized business intelligence solution will be configured to integrate cross-functional information to your exact specifications and deliver it directly to your desktop using today's data querying, reporting, analysis, and mining tools that are easy-to-use and have the capability to develop menu driven web-based interface. Not only will you be able to monitor enterprise metrics but managers at all levels will have at their fingertips key performance indicators that are most important to them on a daily basis.

Sales Analysis
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