P R O J E C T S     
Partial List
06/2004 - 09/2004

For one of the world's largest producer of postage meter, mailing equipment and facility management, as a team member, provided assistant in the enhancement of an SAP BW custom application (billing/invoicing) which included the gathering of business requirements, designing of the data model, source-to-target mapping from both IMS and SAP R/3 operational transaction systems, defining of data source definition and project scope, and knowledge transfer to consultant (SAP BW), both on and offshore.

05/2003 - 04/2004

For a finance company that provides floorplanning for independent car dealers through out North America, re-engineered the data warehouse (data model and ETL processes) to include four additional data marts in a Oracle8i and Unix/Windows environment. Additional services were provided in managing, supporting, and enhancing the Cognos EP 7 Series (cubes and reports) reporting environment.

09/2001 - 10/2002

For a firm providing trading and risk management software solutions in the energy/commodity marketplace, architect and developed a custom data warehouse/analytical solution in Oracle8i and MS Server 2000 that integrated various subject matter data (Profit & Loss, MTM, Exposure, Cash Flows, Impacts, Counterparties, etc.) source from the trading and risk enterprise application.

10/2000 - 05/2001

For a retail firm, architect and developed a data warehouse solution in Oracle8i that integrated data from various enterprise channels (web clickstream, catalog, retail, etc.) in supporting of a eCRM application.

01/2000 - 10/2001

For a DOT-COM company building a web-based application that provided consumers a one-stop resource for all their housing needs before, during, and after a move, provided Oracle database management and administration support in a development environment.

06/1999 - 11/1999

For a mutual life insurance company that provides three million people with life and disability income insurance, retirement services and investment products (mutual funds, securities, variable life insurance and variable annuities), provided Oracle database management and administration support for a number of enterprise applications.

06/1999 - 07/1999

For a company that provides household cleaning and health & personal care products to customers and consumers worldwide, installed and configured Cognos Impromptu and PowerPlay reports over the company's Intranet.

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